Blogging is a very new activity to me. I’ve never felt the need for a personal blog and, until now at least, didn’t see the usefulness of blogs in libraries.
The vast amount of blogs out there brings with it the difficulty in identifying useful/interesting/up-to-date blogs. I had given up before I properly started. To hear about the existense of blog search engines was news to me. It might encourage me to have another look… maybe.
Blogs in libraries may be useful to meet the needs of some of our users. However, I still see the problem in duplicating information – websites, newsletters, wikis, intranets and blogs. Does anybody know about a study covering the usefulness, perception etc of library blogs?
I’m currently involved in a blog for our NHS users and finally I can see how library blogs can be useful – reaching out to a specific user group by summarizing particular services offered to them.
I regard myself as being rather sceptical of blogs, personal as well as work specific ones. But I’m warming to the idea.