I’ve set up an account with delicious and find the idea of accessing ‘my’ websites from any PC very useful. I’m trying to organise these links using tags and find this difficult. In typical librarian manner I’d prefer a hierarchical order, ie folders and subfolders. On the other hand, being able to create my own set of ‘controlled’ vocabulary (even if only I control it…) is rather interesting.
I can see how delicious could be a very useful service within the library – offering a selection of relevant links to free resources to a particular library user group. Although, what’s the difference of having them on the library website? I guess it’s easier to maintain…
I haven’t set up an account with flickr although I’m a very keen photographer. I’m already with another online provider – snapfish. I can’t tag the photographs there but can arrange albums in neat chronological order 🙂 Below are a few of my photographs… I was eager to try inserting them in a blog post. I like the advanced features of adding borders etc.